Hello and Welcome!

You will come away encouraged and inspired to take that step to book that solo trip you always wanted to take.

Hello and Welcome!
If you’ve ever heard the song “Red Solo Cup” by the late country singer Toby Keith, the melody and the name stays in your head. One weekend in the fall of 2023, I was thinking of developing a website based on my solo travel experiences, and to provide advice and commentary to inspire others to do the same. And I had an “aha” moment while listening to that song, the website was born and here we are!
Red Solo Traveler came to life as my way of motivating and empowering fellow solo travelers and travelers alike, allowing them to taste the liberation and advantages of independent exploration. Within my platform, you’ll learn about the influence of evolving technology, the diverse profiles of solo travelers, the various methods of solo travel, and I also share my own unique personal tales from my solo journeys throughout recent years. You will come away encouraged and inspired to take that step to book that solo trip you always wanted to take.

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Who Am I?

I’m a full time insurance professional who has worked in the business for over 15 years, starting out in claims and working into the underwriting world. I earned a Bachelors in Secondary Education in History through Central Connecticut State University, and a Masters in Business Administration through Albertus Magnus College. Recently, I earned a Learning Design Certification through Louisiana State University. Other than traveling, I’m a big fan of the New York Mets and the Green Bay Packers, I have a casual interest in NASCAR too, I enjoy movies, visiting various breweries, walking repurposed rail trails and building Lego sets. I have a Seinfeld and Japanese Garden set that are on my list to build! I live in Central Connecticut, and you can find me on social media @redsolotraveler.

The Critics and the People Have Spoken

My wife's brother just had his very first flight yesterday from Mexico City to Chile. I'll tell him about some of these tools. He'll be studying abroad down there for a few months. Cheers!
Louis - sound safety tips. Your GIFs were pretty fun too. P.s. I too hate being tracked :-)
I like these travel posts, Louis - simple and effective, and they remind me of my business trips as well.
Love your pictures they’re hilarious! 😂 I agree with all the good tips!
Well- written, and comprehensive!
Some excellent tips here, Louis. I agree with you
Thanks for the savings via “flight first”, and checking in 24hrs ahead. Will try this on my next trip coming up soon