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A fantastic, succinct and simple platform to learn about the changes in tech, while at the same time, removing the uncertainty. It's a quick read, approachable and definitely worth your time!

Sunhats and Chardonnay

Laura is a longtime travel blogger and writer with wonderful, relatable articles for any age in your traveling journey. She also writes about aging, retirement and other topics to help with self-improvement and mindset.

Wander Like A Local

Fantastic global travel guide with local insights on food, culture, and activities. It's worth checking out if you want to explore the world!

The Ballpark Review

A great resource if you're interested in learning more about baseball stadiums!

On The Map

Terrific publication with travel guides, mostly concentrated on New England, with food/restaurant, books, shows and podcast recommendations among other topics. A fun read!

Istanbul to Miami, A Writer’s Life

Ms. Hampton is a retired attorney who now writes novels, but writes here about traveling and improving writing. She has definitely inspired me to improve my writing!

Itchy Feet: A Travel-Inspired Newsletter

An incredibly colorful and fun to read travel newsletter that offers advice, inspiration and interviews with travel experts.

Travel Nurse Living

Want to know what happens when you combine a travel nurse with a love of traveling? This is it. Michelle writes about life as a travel nurse along with great places to check out.

Four Corners Of The Southwest

A fantastic resource on the American Southwest, and the National Parks, with some amazing stories!


A terrific guide to India with articles on ancient culture, modern life, business, culture, musings and travel across India!

Cryptofada Research

Great resource for learning about the ebb and flow of the prices of cryptocurrencies, buying and selling, and most of all - what they are!

The Old Mountain Man

Some gorgeous photos of the Rocky Mountain west, definitely worth checking out!

Old Man Travelin’

Mostly diary entries of one man's experience in world traveling, interesting insights!

The Traveler

The personal side of travel, and what it means to different people